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Mochamad Yunus

Judul : Meandered Inductor Shape of DGS for Coupling Suppression between Adjacent Elements of Array Antenna
Abstrak :

Defected ground structure (DGS) has been recently applied to enhance the band-
width and gain of microstrip antenna, as well as to effectively improve the radiation charac-
teristics by suppressing the higher mode harmonics and coupling between adjacent elements of
array antenna. This paper presents the use of DGS which takes meandered inductor (MI) shape
to improve the return loss (S11) and to suppress the coupling between adjacent elements (S21)
of array antenna. An FR4 epoxy dielectric substrate with the thickness of 1.6 mm is used for
deploying the antenna. The MI shape slot is embedded on the groundplane at the bottom side of
dielectric substrate between two elements of array antenna which are deployed on the top side.
The simulated results show that values of S11 and S21 have been improved up to 4.4 dB and
1.9 dB, respectively, at the resonant frequency of 2 GHz. This is comparable with the measured
results which have achievement up to 8 dB and 5 dB for S11 and S21, respectively.

Tahun : 2018 Media Publikasi : Seminar Internasional
Kategori : Prosiding No/Vol/Tahun : - / - / 2018
PTN/S : Universitas Pakuan Program Studi : TEKNIK ELEKTRO
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