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Nani Djohan, Richie Estrada, Fitryani Indah Wanda Sari, Ade Kurniawan, Johan Iskandar, Muhammad Dahrul, Hendradi Hardhienata And Irzaman

Abstrak :

This experiment aims to investigate the electrical conductivity and the resonance frequency of thin films. The
materials of thin film made from 7059 corning glass substrate, lithium acetate, tantalum pentoxide, gallium oxide and also using 2-methoxyethanol as solvent. The growth of thin film is done by using the tool of spin coater at 7059 corning glass substrate with dimension 1ï‚´1 cm2 and annealed in furnace for eight hours with a temperature of 550 oC. Thin films also have been prepared by Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) technique to create the aluminum contacts at 7059 corning glass substrate and the thin film layer with dimension 2ï‚´2 mm2. The thin film is measured by using LCR meter to found the data of conductance and phase in range frequency at 50Hz - 5MHz. The results of electrical conductivity curve shows in range 10-8 - 10-6 and LiTaO3 with doping (10%) Ga2O3 shows increasing the number of resonance frequency. Based on these results, it can be concluded that the thin films classified into semiconductormaterial and 10% Ga2O3-doped LiTaO3 generates the increasing number of resonance because of vibration from Ga2O3 ion

Tahun : 2017 Media Publikasi : Jurnal Internasional
Kategori : Jurnal No/Vol/Tahun : 12 / 12 / 2017
ISSN/ISBN : 1819-6608
PTN/S : Universitas Pakuan Program Studi : TEKNIK KOMPUTER (D3)
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