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Towaf Totok Irawan, Mohd Najib Bin Mansor, Afifah Alwani Ramlee

Judul : Entrepreneurial Orientation and Firm Performance: A Systematic Review
Abstrak :

he purpose of this study is to review a number of articles that examine the relationship between entrepreneurial
orientation and firm performance, especially in small and medium enterprises in the period 2016 to 2021. The method used to
conduct this systematic review is to examine the selected literature in a systematic and structured manner. Most of the results
of a systematic review show that studies of Entrepreneurial Orientation and Firm Performance in various countries indicate
relatively the same results, namely Entrepreneurship Orientation has a positive and significant effect on Firm Performance.
However, specific finding shows that the dimension of innovation has more positive influence on the orientation of
entrepreneurship. The small companies that are proactive to external stimuli are not only more innovative, but also have
Entrepreneurial Orientation capabilities that support the firm performance in international markets. Other studies show that EO
and FP have a positive and significant positive relationship such as in economically depressed areas, in areas with high
environmental dynamics, and areas with hostile environments. Meanwhile, the other findings confirm that EO is the main
strategic resource, and with Learning Orientation, the organization can utilize this resource more effectively.

Tahun : 2023 Media Publikasi : Jurnal Internasional
Kategori : Jurnal No/Vol/Tahun : 3 / 9 / 2023
ISSN/ISBN : 25755811
PTN/S : Universitas Pakuan Program Studi : MANAJEMEN
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