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Judul : Traffic Accident and Road Safety Analysis In Bogor City, Indonesia
Abstrak :

Transportation in Bogor City is one of the sectors that has an important and strategic role in supporting development in all fields, including road capacity, service quality, accessibility and others. Road Safety in this case traffic accidents is an interesting discussion in terms of humanity and economics. In Indonesia, the accident compensation that Jasa Raharja has to pay to the families of traffic accident victims reaches an average of Rp. 140 billion per year (Warpani) and continues to increase in this estimated year. Meanwhile, based on data from the Bogor City Police, there has been an increase in the number of traffic accidents, especially on secondary arterial roads. Therefore, it is necessary to have an analysis in an effort to reduce the level of traffic accidents that occur on the main roads, especially secondary arterial roads in the city of Bogor. The GIS (Geographical Information System) approach is used, which has the ability to integrate various databases, both spatial data such as maps, photographs, satellite imagery, as well as non-spatial or better known as textual data such as attribute and numeric data. From these data it can be described that the traffic accident-prone locations are in a two-dimensional form that can be edited and revised quickly, so that they can always produce actual information. Furthermore, this information is used as a basis for analysis in decision making. From this analysis it will be known the number of accidents, and the social and physical factors that can affect the level of accidents so that they can identify locations that have the potential to cause traffic accidents. The method used consists of quantitative analysis methods and geographic information system approaches. Based on the results of an analysis of the number and distribution of traffic accidents, the highest were in the District of Central Bogor and North Bogor, while the District of West Bogor had moderate accident rates and the District of South Bogor, North Bogor and Tanah Sareal had low accident rates. Most of the accident-prone points are in locations that are the center of community activities. With the existence of a land use plan in the City of Bogor in the form of changing the function of green open spaces into residential areas, trade, it is necessary to carry out a road safety analysis in the form of traffic accidents to prevent or reduce the increase in the number of accidents that will occur.

Tahun : 2023 Media Publikasi : Jurnal Internasional
Kategori : Jurnal No/Vol/Tahun : 4 / 21 / 2023
ISSN/ISBN : 1675-6215
PTN/S : Universitas Pakuan Bogor Program Studi : PERENCANAAN WILAYAH & KOTA
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