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Judul : Perapatan Gayaberat dengan teknik Airborne Gravimetry
Abstrak :

Airborne gravimetry is a new technique to collect the gravity data from an airplane. It is fast,
effective and can cover large area in compare to conventional technique. After good
airborne gravimetry experiences in Malaysia and Mongolia, the Geodynamics Department of
the Danish National Survey and Cadastre and BAKOSURTANAL caried out a survey in
Sulawesi Island and a small part of East Kalimantan in September until November 2008.
Initial assessment of the resulting accuracy indicates a noise level around 2.4 mGal which
implies that a geoid accuracy of around 10 cm.

Tahun : 2010 Media Publikasi : Seminar Nasional
Kategori : Prosiding No/Vol/Tahun : SEMINAR NASIONAL GEOMATIKA TAHUN 2010 / 1 / 2010
ISSN/ISBN : 26147211
PTN/S : Universitas Pakuan Program Studi : TEKNIK GEODESI
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