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Yuli Wahyuni, Muhammad Abdulrohman Pany

Judul : Heart Rate Detection of Stress Levels for Pregnant Women
Abstrak :


Background: During pregnancy there are changes because the fetus begins to grow and develop in the stomach of the pregnant woman. During pregnancy these developments also affect the physiology due to hormonal and metabolic changes that affect the psychological prenatal stress of pregnant women.

Purpose: This study aims to determine the initial action to detect heart rate by looking at stress levels in pregnant women. 

Methodology: This study uses a hardware programming approach with the stages: Project Planning, Research, Component Testing, Mechanical System Design, Functional Test, Functional Test, Overall System Functional Test, System Optimization. 

Results: The results it only detects the stress level of pregnant women using the heart rate.and the finding is Detection of stress levels of pregnant women. This is research for Monitoring the heart rate when stressed in real time and continuously as a system that operates and displays history in the telegram application in the form of pregnant women's heart rate data while the pulse sensor is a heart rate detection tool when stressed.

Keywords: Heart Rate, Pregnant Women, Stress, Detection, Sensor Pulse

Tahun : 2021 Media Publikasi : Seminar Internasional
Kategori : Prosiding No/Vol/Tahun : - / - / 2021
PTN/S : Universitas Pakuan Program Studi : TEKNIK KOMPUTER (D3)
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