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Rina Rosdiana1, Dadan Suwarna2, Sandi Budiana3, Aam Nurjaman4, Wildan F. Mubarock4

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AbstractThis study examines trials in the Republika newspaper. The method used is descriptive qualitative. The research results are as follows. Essays are developed using general forms of paragraph expansion, such as deductive, inductive, mixed, and narrative/descriptive. Generally used deductive model. In the presentation, there are sometimes mixed patterns that are only cut into two paragraphs. Linguistic characteristics: a) using the sequence (first, second, third, etc.) to explain the description of the idea, b) reveal terms, c) reveal detailed data/facts/examples, d) using my pronoun, we, formal impression, e) the use of cohesion tools in paragraph development, and, f) can present references to the bibliography (as needed), g) be narrative or argumentative, h) can leverage time chronology, i) use repeated diction/vocabulary the same structure of the essay in general, introduction to the core, coverage. Then expanded into (title), orientation, explanation/opinion, and conclusion. For conclusions sometimes there or not. The idea development model develops in the form of a model a) factual/data/example-supported-conclusion, b) opinion-rebuttal-position model, c) placing the main ideas of the essay to the end. The students' opinions on this essay are as follows: a) can be used as a practice to determine the ideas for each paragraph, b) become an example of a writing model c) one of the texts taught in the writing course d) add a knowledge, e) ways of practicing languages, f) stimulating the reading activity of many books or other references, g) containing educational value, h) the level of reading difficulty is not suitable for the high school level i) the level of reading difficulty is adapted to the student's level, and j) it must be in the library.Keywords:Essay,deductive, inductive, mixed, linguistic characteristics of essay, written skillIntroductionDemands a certain level of proficiency for speakers or users. The more proficient a person is with language, the easier it is for him to communicate his ideas and feelings to others.Paragraph development is found in many writings. The development of this paragraph can also be read in many published papers. One of them is writing in the form of an essay. Essays are generally in the form of mass media in the form of newspapers or magazines. The existence of mass media has a strategic function. One of them is that the mass media has the function of educating the public with competent sciences in their fields. The form of writing in the mass media is sometimes called an article or opinion and also in the form of an essay. Republika, one of the nationally famous mass media, provides a special column for the development of the ideas of his writing contributors. One column or even a newspaper sheet that prepares an opinion column is the Children's Kompas sheet, which is published every Sunday. The development of paragraphs in the essay published on Sunday will be analyzed in this study. The reason for choosing the Essay in Republika was because the development of ideas was developed by practitioners/academics in the field of language, making it easier to analyze paragraph requirements. Besides, the form of paragraph development in this essay can also be used as teaching material for writing training in writing lectures at the Indonesian Language and Literature Study Program, FKIP Pakuan University.For this reason, it is through this type of writing that ideas can be developed.The development of ideas certainly requires a language tool in the form of paragraphs. A paragraph is a series of sentences that are arranged systematically and have the main idea as a control. Essays, like other writings, also have their own characteristics in developing their ideas, essay analysis is expected to clarify the characteristics of the development of ideas that are developed in the essay.Based on the background of the problems above, the focus of the problems in this study are a) Development of paragraphs in Republika newspaper essays, b) Structure, patterns of essay development, and language characteristics in Republika newspaper essays. C) Meaning of ideas in Republika published essays, d) Student opinion on the essay published by the Republika newspaper.As an essay, the essay consists of paragraphs. Mulyati, et al (2009: 7.17) Suggest the meaning of paragraphs. The paragraph is the essence of pouring thoughts into an essay. In another opinion, Ramlan (1993) defines a paragraph asa unitary sentence that presents the main idea as a controller.

Tahun : 2021 Media Publikasi : Prosiding
Kategori : Prosiding No/Vol/Tahun : - / - / 2021
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