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Sri Wardatun, Erni Rustiani, Nella Alfiani, Desta Rissani

Judul : Study Effect Type of Extraction Method And Type of Solvent To Cinnamaldehyde and Trans-Cinnamic Acid Dry Extract Cinnamon (Cinnamomum burmanii [Nees & T, Nees]Blume)
Abstrak :

Introduction: We  report  the  effects of extraction methods  and  the  type  of solvent to  cinnamaldehyde and  trans-cinnamic acid content of dry extract of cinnamon (Cinnamomum  burmanii  [Nees   & T,Nees]   Blume).  Methods: The extraction method used  maceration, soxhletation and  infundation. We  used

50%,  70%  and  96%  ethanol as  solvent, while  for methods  infundation used aquadest. Liquid extract dried to obtain dry extract. Cinnamaldehyde and trans- cinnamic  acid  measured by spectrophotometric UV-Visibel. Results: The  re- sults  of the  assays showed that  method of maceration with 96%  ethanol had cinnamaldehyde content on 124.14 ± 1.17 mg/g dry extract and trans-cinnamic acid  content on  151.35 ±  1.24  mg/g  dry extract. Statistical test showed that method of extraction and  type  of solvent had  a significant  effect of cinnamal- dehyde and trans-cinnamic acid contents. Conclusion: 96%  Ethanol  and 70% ethanol solvent had a significant  effect of cinnamaldehyde and trans-cinnamic




acid contents, while  50%  ethanol and  aquadest hadn’t  a significant  effect of cinnamaldehyde and trans-cinnamic acid contents.

Key words: Dry extract cinnamon, Cinnamaldehyde, Trans-cinnamic acid.

Tahun : 2017 Media Publikasi : Jurnal Internasional
Kategori : Jurnal No/Vol/Tahun : 1 / 9 / 2017
ISSN/ISBN : 0975-1505
PTN/S : UNPAK Program Studi : FARMASI
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