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Sata Yoshida Srie Rahayu, Ani Widiyati, Leny Hotimah

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Research conducted at Cirata reservoir which has been operated since 1983 and located in lied Cianjur regency, West Java. This reservoir used as hydropower electric, drinking water sources, irrigations, transportation, tourism, flood preventive and aquaculture activities. The aquaculture activity frequently caused negative impacts like a lot of waste produce by fish feed which was fallen in to the water. The reservoir received nutrient supply from some sources as like municipal, industry and agriculture waste besides the KJA.  Waste from aquaculture activity has been expected to increase substance like phosphate and nitrogen, that in a profuse value it will accelerate eutrophication process. This process caused  blooming of  phytoplankton.  The result of the research result showed that there were 5 families of phytoplankton : Chlorophyceae, Bacillariophyceae, Cyanophyceae, Dinophyceae and Desmiceae, zooplankton : Copepoda, Rotifer and Protozoa. The abudance of phytoplankton ranged from 393,75—4743,75 ind/l and zooplankton ranged from 93,75-993,75 ind/l. The range value of plankton biological index diversity (H`) = 2.12-3,33 ; dominant index (C) = 0,072-0,24 and equitability index (E) = 0,65-0,83. Physical-chemical parameters of water such pH 7-7,5 ; transparency 70-80 cm,  nitrate and nitrite ranged from 0,009-0,136 and 0,129-0,189 mg/l, amoniak ranged from 0,021-0,053 mg/l and ortophosphate always more than 0,01 mg/l.


Keywords : Aquaculture, Abundance, plankton biological index diversity , tilapia, probit method, maximum allowable concentration.

Tahun : 2007 Media Publikasi : jurnal nasional blm akreditasi
Kategori : Jurnal No/Vol/Tahun : 2 / 7 / 2007
ISSN/ISBN : 1411-9447
PTN/S : Universitas Pakuan Program Studi : BIOLOGI
Bibliography :


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