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Iskandar Fitri, Dita Elfina, Ucuk Darusalam

Judul : Antena Mikrostrip Multi Grid Patch 2x6 Dicatu Dengan Dual Array Untuk Aplikasi WMAN IEEE 802.16
Abstrak :

In this paper is proposed a microstrip antenna of multi grid patch with 2x6 configuration elements that combined in structure of multi layer aperture coupled fed in dual array to two patches under the multi grid patch. The proposed antenna for achieve a characteristic of wireless metropolitan area network (WMAN). The antenna used two sample substrates which is Taconic TLY with thickness of 0.127 mm and ArlonCuClad with a thickness of 0.375 mm with geometry size is 10 mm x 10 mm. From the simulation results obtained the bandwidth of 7.1 GHz the frequency range from 49 GHz to 56.1 GHz. The higher antenna gain in the range frequency is 8.7289 dB and lowest VSWR is 1.2 in 53 Ghz.

Tahun : 2018 Media Publikasi : prosiding
Kategori : Prosiding No/Vol/Tahun : - / - / 2018
ISSN/ISBN : 2252-701X
PTN/S : universitas pakuan Program Studi : TEKNIK ELEKTRO
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